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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Department of Horrible Secrets - Sex, Comics and Gaming

I've long realized that there's a corollary to Murphy's Law - "If anything can go wrong, it will." Barr's Corollary is: "And it will happen to me."

But that's so I'll FIX it.

It's no secret I think men are goofball, and often dangerously so. But more and more women - and men - are beginning to know that, and account for it. The Red Green Show made 15 seasons off of that. And it was guys writing that. Let's call it insider knowledge. 

I've been over on Facebook making smartass comments about guys getting out of line - everything from our volunteer career military and their advertising catches to guys stoning another girl to death for having a Facebook account - and I'm unashamedly a Feminist, because I ain't giving up my vote, not any time soon, no matter how hard anybody tries.

Anyway, there's this little group of trolls that evidently gives professionals in the entertainment industry a hard time - or try, anyway. They can't really, because those of us who are the real thing don't know anybody who care about them. We only know the People Who Count, and that includes among our fans. They're not easily fooled.

So, a dumb thing happened online - I'm a small-d democrat and will talk to anybody, even bad interviewers -  and I was having fun looking silly, and drinking while I was at it, because I'm German and to us being inebriated is a sacred state, and that's as good excuse as any.

But then this particular group of trolls lost their minds over me being a Feminist. I think they got a little unnerved when I said every father of a daughter was a feminist, and not to cross those guys. 

Then, about 3/4 of the way through the interview - and I totally blew it off as stupid - they started fixating on boy rape. We're talking intently making up nasty scenarios about raping a boy with a champagne bottle. I tried to steer the conversation away from it, but they'd locked their brains onto it, and if I hadn't been forgivingly inebriated, I should have just hung up on 'em.

I've been trying to figure out why this particular troll puddle is bothering me. I'm no big celebrity. Yeah, yeah, worldwide, for years, more and new people discover my work and love it, no matter what detractors - and they are few - try to say about me. My work and works speak for themselves. My tree has good fruit. So why bother with me? 

I woke up realizing that this links into the way women and girls are treated in the comics industry. In every single society that despises and tries to lock up or control women or girls, the men are trying to get their hands on the boys. To use them, kill them, or have them available for sex. Look at all the patriarchal religions - if they're not backing the altar boys into the vestry, they're torturing baby penises to fixate the poor kids for the rest of their lives, or stoning any girl who has a Facebook account before heading back to their boy servants. 

Are the full-grown things raping the boys in the back of the comic shops? Doubtful. But traditional superhero and gaming fans are teaching boys to hate and fear women and girls. The attitude spreads into society, as comics and gaming grow. Boys become increasingly vulnerable, as do girls, and the trolls who see women and girls standing up against that abuse as threatening their access to the boys. Why else go so insane over the mere approach of a girl to a game? Power doesn't even explain it; it's a sexual threat. No wonder this small group has lost their shit over me.

The healthiest superhero company in comics is Prism Comics. They unabashedly admit the joy of men being sexual with one another. Gay comics authors produce images of happy, joyful sex, with no threats to anybody. They're not turning any kids who come to them into woman-haters. In fact, they wish more women would sign up for their booth full of happy people. And they admit what the superhero genre is about, after all - boys admiring full-grown, sexy men. Not pederasty, damnit - but the admission that, when they were kids, they loved those costumes and those muscles. 

In fact, I've seen lost children show up at the Prism booth at conventions, and wait until their adults get found. Kids feel safe at the Prism booth, because nobody's making anybody hate on anybody, or exclude them, for whatever reason.

No, I'm not sharing any names or projects of the abusers. Let them fade back into their own small group. Nobody who counts cares about what they do; we're too busy having fun. But parents might want to stop just dropping their kid off at the comic shop. You never know if they're going to a bad one.

I hope I've fixed that - and I'm using the word like it would scare a dog.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Calling the Cops on Conventions

Just sent this to Emerald City Comicon:

"I don't know if you remember my reporting some fan who was threatening to infringe on me and my table for the Emerald City Comicon convention, but you fine folks said, "Call us and we'll come a-running!" Your "Costumes are not Consent" posters are a beacon for everyone in our society, not just our community.

As you know, many women and girls in comics and other media cannot post on a forum, write a review or work with men in comics, without being called "bitches," "whores" or threatened with rape. For years, we've all been subject to some level of this abuse, from the mild to the full attack. Nobody listens to us.

Recently, a bunch of fan-boys began to lie about me, in an attempt to frighten and isolate me, as they've done so many other women. Those of you who know me are probably thinking, "No good can come of this."

However, I think it will. Bad things happen to me so I can fix them. If I'm bothered by these people at a convention, I shall simply call 911 and report "assault" - because that's what harassment is. I don't care if it's a dumb fanboy who doesn't know any better, or an industry professional who SHOULD. Enough of this abuse.

And I'm sending a copy of this letter to the Seattle Police Department, and posting it on my blog, 

I doubt this will frighten Emerald City; they might welcome the backup."

And I did send it to the Seattle police, with a comment that I'm not asking for assistance now, but want to head off incidents before they happen. I've requested comments and guidance from the Seattle Police - and the best police know, and are proud, that they are public servants. 

Dumb boys mess with my liveried servants, will they? They want costumes - they can have some REAL ones to deal with.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Donna Barr Lets Her Characters Go Play With Fans

I love my agents.  Letter from me to Dave Baxter and Dallas Miller, of Killing The Grizzly.

"Hi, D & D:
I would like to extend a huge gift to my fans, but I want to ask you first.  You know how Gene Roddenberry allowed anyone to sell any Star-Trek-related things they created themselves?  I'd like to do the same with my work.  Not the old stuff you're representing -- anything THEY make, new and pretty.  I'll let you hyperventilate for a bit, and then get back with me."

Dave Baxter:

"Hyperventilate?  Hell, no, that sounds fantastic.  I mean, personally, I think every creator should pirate their own work and stick it out on torrents and forums and P2P sires.  Anyone who downloads the work there and reads it on a computer (un-ideal) wasn't going to give you money anyway, either due to not having any money or just being a stubborn ass, but either way I don't believe you actually lose anything and you gain word of mouth and exposure.

Creator-approved fan-fic (even for profit) is a profound idea, and can do nothing but good.  It's free marketing and reader engagement for publishers, too.  On paper they all have to poo-poo these kinds of ideas, but if they're already in motion.... :)
Dave Baxter (of Dave Baxter and Dallas Miller, of Killing The Grizzly).
So there you go, folks.  Go nuts.  Send me stuff (email files, copies, links) to read or enjoy.  Sell it without worrying about paying me.  Invent new characters, whatever you want to do.  It's a big desert out there (and Gene was usually right).

Cool Facebook Thread about this.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Crazy Season

I've been having a bit of a problem lately with crazies.

Regardless of the situation, it's mostly about guys who perceive me as blowing them off, arguing with them, or not paying enough attention to their personal problems. To these guys, the whole world is a singles bar and the girl just turned her head away.

The usual hint is that they call me "heartless." Which sounds like that guy thing of claiming women have "torn their hearts out."

I don't have to be nice to everybody. If somebody gets asshole with me, I get asshole with them. It sometimes takes some work, but sooner or later I put a filter on my email program for their email.

I have the world's nicest, smartest readers. No, I'm not kidding. They're politically aware, and work very hard to make the world a better place. The nut-cases usually don't buy anything anyway -- they just want mommy's attention.

Why they think a writer will put up with them is beyond me. We're the ones with the thesaurus -- and all the swear-words.

I've tried to tell people that the best writers aren't necessarily the nicest people. Swearing, drinking, throwing shirts out the window, cheating, lying, staying at their friends' houses and stealing their dogs and their drugs -- artists and writers have done it all.

But I don't think anybody hires us for our personalities.